(79 Springstimes)

Santiago Alvarez
26 min
Cuba 1969

é─˛I am a product of accelerated underdevelopment... the Cuban Revolution made me a film director. I learnt the job fondly handling millions of feet of filmé─˘. Santiago Alvarez

In 1969, Alvarez was invited by to Hanoi by the Communist government of North Vietnam to film the funeral of Ho Chi Minh. 79 Springtimes is a tribute to the revered leader of the Viet Min independence movement who had defeated French Indochina and founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Ité─˘s title refers to Minhé─˘s age at the time of his death. The justly celebrated 12 minute sequence in which newsreel footage of soldiers is destroyed exemplifies Alvarezé─˘s declaration that é─˛my style is the style of hatred for Imperialism.é─˘

79 Primaveras, Santiago Alvarez, Cuba 196979 Primaveras, Santiago Alvarez, Cuba 1969

(1) Photo of Santiago ?┼lvarez in ICAIC office Čę courtesy of Anthology Film Archives
(2) Cuban poster for 79 Primaveras

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