(79 Springstimes)

Santiago Alvarez
26 min
Cuba 1969

I am a product of accelerated underdevelopment... the Cuban Revolution made me a film director. I learnt the job fondly handling millions of feet of film. Santiago Alvarez

In 1969, Alvarez was invited by to Hanoi by the Communist government of North Vietnam to film the funeral of Ho Chi Minh. 79 Springtimes is a tribute to the revered leader of the Viet Min independence movement who had defeated French Indochina and founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Its title refers to Minhs age at the time of his death. The justly celebrated 12 minute sequence in which newsreel footage of soldiers is destroyed exemplifies Alvarezs declaration that my style is the style of hatred for Imperialism.

79 Primaveras, Santiago Alvarez, Cuba 196979 Primaveras, Santiago Alvarez, Cuba 1969

(1) Photo of Santiago ?lvarez in ICAIC office courtesy of Anthology Film Archives
(2) Cuban poster for 79 Primaveras

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