Martin Arnold
15 min
Austria 1998

"The cinema of Hollywood is a cinema of exclusion, reduction and denial, a cinema of repression." – Martin Arnold.

A radical example of found footage filmmaking, Alone is a meticulously re-edited compilation of scenes from the Andy Hardy series of MGM Hollywood Musical Comedies (made between 1937-47) starring Mikey Rooney and Judy Garland. A stuttering, stammering reinterpretation; the film was made by rigorously reedited the source footage to a detailed score of single frames in forwards and backward motion, extending very short, almost inconsequential, sequences to a length where every detail and every movement is noticeable.

Through re-editing Arnold plays puppet-master with the familiar figures of Rooney and Garland made ridiculous, their every tiny movement is exaggerated, their dialogue becomes a choking, warbling, sing-song through which a Freudian oedipal drama is evoked. The film is an attack on the repression Arnold sees as part of the fabric of Hollywood cinema.

Martin Arnold
(1959) Austria

Martin Arnold is an Austrian filmmaker and co-founder of Sixpack distribution in Vienna, Austria. He become known internationally for a trilogy of found footage films Pi?®ce touch?©e (1989), Passage ?† l'acte(1993) and Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy (1998) in which a small section of source footage from ‚Äòclassic‚Äô Hollywood films is intensely reedited extending short sequences of a few seconds to ten or fifteen minutes. His background in psychology and psychoanalysis has lead to his work often being both in relation to film criticism as well as Freudian analysis. Arnold continues to teach filmmaking at a number of institutions internationally including Bard College, the San Francisco Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts in Frankfurt.

Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy, Martin Arnold, Austria 1998

Martin Arnold Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy Austria 1998 © courtesy of the artist / Sixpackfilms ©

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