John Smith
7 min
UK 1975

Combining a wry sense of humour with word/visual games and puns which veil a thoughtful and sophisticated structure which plays with the multiplicity of meaning inherent in both language and visuality. The film combines an official sounding voice-over, reading from the book by academic linguist Herbert H. Clark’s Word Associations and Linguistic Theory, with corresponding and often humorously jarring and provocative visual images to stand in for the components of words.

John Smith
(1952) UK

John Smith studied at Hornsey College of Art, North East London Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art. Since 1972 he has made dozens of film, video and installation works. His films have been widely shown internationally in cinemas, art galleries and on television, and awarded major prizes at film festivals in Oberhausen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cork, Palermo, Graz, Uppsala, Bangkok and Chicago. He’s work with a wide range of collaborators from Ian Bourn to sound artist Graeme Miller and composer Jocelyn Pook. Smith is Professor of Fine Art at the University of East London.

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Associations, John Smith, UK 1975Associations, John Smith, UK 1975Associations, John Smith, UK 1975Associations, John Smith, UK 1975

John Smith Associations 1975 © courtesy of the artist / LUX / British Artists Film & Video Study Collection

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