Ren?© Clair
22 min
France 1924

Ren?© Clair‚Äôs Entr‚Äôacte, the translation of which means ‚Äòbetween the acts‚Äô, was a film originally conceived to be shown in the interval of Francis Picabia‚Äôs radical Dadaist ballet Rel?¢che. With a musical soundtrack devised by Erik Satie and a cast of celebrated Dadaist figures including Francis Picabia, Erik Satie, Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, the first performance of this film was a greeted as a defining Dada event.

In the film Clair employs all the technical tricks-in-the-book, including speeding up and slowing down footage, uncanny visual superimpositions and jump-cuts to present the viewer with a world familiar, but made strange, and an irrational world in which a funeral march can become a race.

Ent‚Äôracte, Ren?© Clair, France 1924

Rene Clair Ent’racte 1924 © courtesy of BFI, London ©

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