Sadie Benning
9 min
USA 1990

The young Sadie Benning made a series of surprisingly aesthetic videos using a child’s pixelvision camera, of which this is one. Intimate, fragmented, confessional and aspirational the artist looks at her herself and her room, simultaneously searching and posturing, turning her anger and frustration at the trap of social prejudice into a kind of clarity about her identity as a woman and a lesbian.

Sadie Benning
(1973) USA

Sadie Benning is a lesbian videomaker who began making work using a Fisher Price Pixelvision toy camera when she was 15 years old. Benning's early works were made in the privacy of her childhood bedroom, using scrawled and handwritten text from diary entries to record thoughts and images that reveal the longings and complexities of a developing identity. In the mid-90s she co-founded Le Tigre, the feminist post-punk band whose members include ex-Bikini Kill singer/guitarist Kathleen Hanna and zinester Johanna Fateman. She has since left the band. Later work includes The Judy Spots (1995), which aired on MTV, and Flat is Beautiful (1998) In 2006, in collaboration with Solveig Nelson, she created Play Pause - a two-screen projected video installation.

If Every Girl Had A Diary, Sadie Benning, USA 1990

Sadie Benning If Every Girl Had a Diary 1990 © courtesy of the artist / VDB

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