Jeff Keen
5 min
UK 1967

Jeff Keen’s Marvo Movie exemplifies the legendary Brighton-based experimental filmmaker’s weird, wonderful and most surreally British take on Pop Art.

"Keen is indebted to the surrealist tradition for many of his central concerns: his passion for instability, his sense of 'le merveilleux', his fondness for analogies and puns, his preference for 'lowbrow' art over aestheticism of any kind, his dedication to collage and 'le hasard objectif'. But this 'continental' facet of his work-virtually unique in this country-co-exists with various typically English characteristics, which betray other roots. The tacky glamour/True Beauty of his Family Star productions is at least as close to the end of Brighton Pier as it is to Hollywood B-Movies." - Tony Rayns, Afterimage no. 6, Summer '76.

Jeff Keen
(1923) UK

Brighton based Jeff Keen is a pioneer of independent film in the UK. He served in the Army during the Second World War. Self taught, he has been making films since 1960, often on the amateur gauges of 16mm, Super8 and video, sometimes in combination with performance. His films are fueled by an anarchic plundering of themes and motifs from popular culture, combining comic books and b-movies with his family and friends.

Marvo Movie, Jeff Keen, UK 1967Marvo Movie, Jeff Keen, UK 1967Marvo Movie, Jeff Keen, UK 1967Marvo Movie, Jeff Keen, UK 1967Marvo Movie, Jeff Keen, UK 1967

Jeff Keen, Marvo Movie, UK, 1967 © Courtesy of the artist / LUX

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