Dinos Chapman, Jake Chapman
5 min
UK 1999

In this video the mythology of the modern art world, death, pain and celebrity are reenacted through the magic of rubber glove puppets filled with red paint, sticks, string and a video camera. Shot in the Chapman brother’s studio the video replays in lo-fi goriness the shooting of Andy Warhol, the slicing of Van Gogh’s ear and the car crash demise of Jackson Pollock alongside other art world related deaths and mutilations. The video also reflects a generation of artists who although predominately working in different media were to discover a freedom and playfulness in cheap video technology.

Dinos Chapman
(1962) UK

Jake Chapman
(1966) UK

Jake and Dinos Chapman are visual artists working in London. Both graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 1990. Working together they first came to attention for their mannequin-like sculptures like DNA Zygotic (1997) which are posed in perverse, explicit figurations. In 2003 they were nominated for the Turner Prize for their work Insult to Injury in which they altered a set of Goya’s etchings by adding funny faces. Other works include The Chapman Family Collection (2002) - a set of sculptures which look like ancient archaeological ‘finds’ but are in fact based on figures from McDonald’s merchandising. They are represented by White Cube gallery.

Sacrificial Mutilation and Death in Modern Art, Dinos Chapman, Jake Chapman, UK 1999Sacrificial Mutilation and Death in Modern Art, Dinos Chapman, Jake Chapman, UK 1999

Jake & Dinos Chapman Sacrificial Mutilation And Death In Modern Art, 1999 © courtesy of the artists / Whitecube, London

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