Lynda Benglis
5.41 min
USA 1973

Predominantly known for her work in sculpture, Benglis produced a body of feminist video in the 1970’s. The Grunions are Running is one of several works using footage filmed from the television screen. Extracts from a Japanese "creature feature" and a chewing gum commercial are absurdly juxtaposed and the soundtrack is replaced by the sound of wildlife outside Benglis's studio.

Lynda Benglis
() USA

Lynda Benglis has been an eminent sculptor and video artist for more than three decades, producing a pioneering body of feminist video in the 1970s. Immediate and visceral, Benglis' video work confronts issues including the representation of women, the role of the spectator, and female sexuality. Her interest in human form and presence in her process-oriented sculptural work finds its way into her self-reflexive, investigative videos where Benglis has aggressively uses the properties of the video medium to expose the process and limitations of the form.

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