Peter Whitehead
4 min
UK 1965

Peter Whithead made film documentaries like no other. His films of the sixties are highly personal, subjective, visual masterpieces. Director of pop film classics such as Tonite Lets All Make Love in London and The Fall, Whitehead was the first to make music videos on The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and The Animals. He went on to create pop and rock promos for Nico, Jimi Hendrix, The Small Faces, Led Zeppelin, Dubliners, the Beach Boys, among others. When I Was Young intercuts footage of Eric Burdon and The Animals with particularly pop-associated images such as Lucky Strike advertising logos and bomber jets.

The film is also known as 'The Animals' promo.

Peter Whitehead
(1937) UK

Peter Whitehead is a filmmaker, writer famous for his documentation of the 1960s counterculture in London and New York. Whitehead began making pop promos including the first Rolling Stones film (Charlie Is My Darling, 1965), filmed Allen Ginsberg at the Albert Hall (Wholly Communion, 1966), was the first person to publish a Jean-Luc Godard script in English, made the quintessential Swingin' London film (Tonite Let's All Make Love in London, 1967), documented Peter Brook's anti-Vietnam protest play (Benefit of the Doubt, 1967), was inside the occupied buildings of Columbia University with a camera in 1968 which resulted in his feature film The Fall, 1969.

He later quit filmmaking, authored several novels and for many years ran the world's largest private falcon breeding sanctuary.


When I Was Young, Peter Whitehead, UK 1965

Peter Whitehead, When I Was Young, 1965 ¨© courtesy of the artist / Contemporary Films

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