Programme duration 83min
Curated by James Harding

Essentials: Play honours the irreverent, impudent, subversive and fun in artists’ film. Ranging from Dada to Postmodernism this programme is a playground for unconventional ideas and approaches, with work that mocks and parodies a cinema that takes itself seriously for all the wrong reasons. These playful works cast aside pretensions and freely celebrate life and art in all its forms. Featuring work by Hans Richter, John Smith and George Kuchar. more

Hans Richter
Germany, 1926

Ren?© Clair
France, 1924

John Smith
UK, 1975

Hold Me While I'm Naked
George Kuchar
USA, 1966

Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy
Martin Arnold
Austria, 1998

Little Stabs At Happiness
Ken Jacobs
USA, 1963

Sacrificial Mutilation And Death In Modern Art
Dinos Chapman, Jake Chapman
UK, 1999

Filmstudie, Hans Richter, Germany 1926
Ent‚Äôracte, Ren?© Clair, France 1924
Associations, John Smith, UK 1975
Hold Me While I
Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy, Martin Arnold, Austria 1998
Little Stabs At Happiness, Ken Jacobs, USA 1963
Sacrificial Mutilation And Death In Modern Art, Dinos Chapman, Jake Chapman, UK 1999
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