Programme duration 82min
Curated by The Otolith Group, Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar

In cinemas from 18 May 2008

Essentials: Protest presents iconic cine-pamphlets, cine-manifestos and film-essays that mobilised the social energies of discontent, crisis and struggle that convulsed the 20th century. Drawing upon aesthetic traditions of negation, critique and provocation, these artists use the political forms of montage, collage and appropriation to produce radical interventions. Including: Jean Vigo, Harun Farocki, Jean-Marie Straub and Dani?®le Huillet, Santiago Alvarez and Jorge Furtado. more

Histoire Du Soldat Inconnu
Henri Storck
Belgium, 1932

?Ä Propos De Nice
Jean Vigo
France, 1930

79 Primaveras
Santiago Alvarez
Cuba, 1969

Die Worte Des Vorsitzenden
Harun Farocki
Germany, 1967

Einleitung Zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik Zu Einer Lichtspielscene
Jean Marie Straub, Dani?®le Huillet
Germany, 1973

Ilha Das Flores
Jorge Furtado
Brazil, 1989

Histoire Du Soldat Inconnu, Henri Storck, Belgium 1932
?Ä Propos De Nice, Jean Vigo, France 1930
79 Primaveras, Santiago Alvarez, Cuba 1969
Die Worte Des Vorsitzenden, Harun Farocki, Germany 1967
Einleitung Zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik Zu Einer Lichtspielscene, Jean Marie Straub, Dani?®le Huillet, Germany 1973
Ilha Das Flores, Jorge Furtado, Brazil 1989
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